Garry Olson is a designer and maker of high quality handmade furniture. Through consultation he provides a service that meets the needs of the client. His designs are contemporary but are often described as timeless. Traditional construction is combined with modern techniques to ensure that every piece will survive for generations. Specially selected hardwoods are used with the natural beauty of timber always being featured.


Ordering your own hand made furniture can be exciting and satisfying. Rather than accepting a showroom item you have the opportunity to be part of the design process. Garry starts by discussing the needs of the client. The resulting piece will be the right size, perform a function and suit it's surroundings. It will also be outstanding quality and last for future generations. There is no set range as every piece is treated as an exclusive one-off. However, designs can be repeated and themes can be followed.
Chest of Drawers
"Garry's work is finely crafted and stunningly lovely. He uses the colour and feel of different woods to create furniture and smaller items that are both practical and beautiful, and bring us real pleasure on a daily basis."P.Jones, Wilmslow